Wedding Photography

My love for photography began in 2008 when I used my Father's camera to take photos for a family member. My passion and love for photography continues to grow every day. My favorite moments to capture is when I take family out to an open field just as the sun is setting down on the green grassy field, the family is running around in the soft grass, giggling and having a great time together.

The bright smiles and glow of love in their eyes are those beautiful moments that make me realize, God placed me in the right profession at just the right time in my life. I truly love making people happy. The love I have for my son is the foundation of my business. I enjoy capturing his smile, his quirky mannerisms, and his growth on a daily basis.

I hope you choose me as your photographer, for any occasion, so I can capture the special moments of your perfect day.

For Any Occasion

For all of life's most significant moments, Veronica wants to be there to capture all every display of love and authenticity. As a professional photographer with a passion for imagery, Veronica views her work as an art form. Utilizing natural scenery and light to illuminate her subjects, Veronica VanGessel Photography produces awe-inspiring photos that are original, imaginative and authentic. From Senior photo shoots to engagement and family photography, Veronica can't wait to be a part of your special day!

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